Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laying the Foundation

Monday night I had my first television interview for a new local cable show called Women to Women. The host interviews women who are making a difference to our area. As I sat watching the woman being interviewed before me, I felt like I didn't have that much to offer.

I was a ball of nerves and some of the questions took me off guard. The interviewer had never met me and her questions went in a direction I hadn't anticipated. I have yet to see the tape, so of course, I'm worried about those alleged ten extra pounds and that I might look like a babbling idiot.

I'm flattered to be included among women who are doing amazing things. My contribution is an historic play written to show the miraculous things that happened during our country's beginnings. There are some beautiful stories that I will post here. They used to be taught in public schools, but aren't any more. These are stories that will give you goose bumps and bring tears to your eyes. They show what the foundation of our nation is and how far we've gone in the past 250 years.

In our state, American History is taught in the 5th grade. There are two versions of the play. One has some of the best stories, miracles, and uplifting music. The other version is for public school and has some of the good stuff removed because of the references to God. It's a crying shame these stories can't be told and acted out in public schools.

As a parent, I believe these must be taught by parents and not forgotten. They are our deepest roots as Americans.