Sunday, January 15, 2012

ACV - A Miracle

The past two weeks have been miserable. My husband generously shared a super nasty winter crud with me. I won't go into all the gross details, but by yesterday I had no voice, my teeth hurt, and my eyes were bulging out and watering too much to read or watch TV.

I'm not one to run to the doctor unless it's really something, so I went online and read about apple cider vinegar and honey. I know, I'm probably the only one who didn't know about this miracle cure, and actually my son and his fiancee told me to heat 2 Tbs. of apple cider vinegar with one Tbs. of honey and drink it. I tried it once and got nauseous from all that honey and the taste was, well, like vinegar. After reading about it online, I decided to give it another try. This time I put it in a cup of hot water. Within a few minutes, the pressure in my head had lessened. I drank 3 cups of it yesterday and today I'm remarkably better.

I'm thrilled to feel almost human again. It is said to work much better if you drink it when you first notice you're getting sick. I'm about 14 days too late, but it's still working. Yay!