Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kindred Spirit

Let me begin by saying that I'm 57 years old.  I have two friends I've known since grade school.  We all live in different states, but have stayed in touch all these years.  Occasionally we work in a girl's trip somewhere and suddenly, though we have thicker middles and a few wrinkles, we are teenagers again, catching up on everyone we all knew back then, and giggling like time has swept us back to 1973.

Sharlene, one of the girls told me I should connect with Linda.  I didn't really know Linda back then.  Our paths rarely crossed and she was an acquaintance only. 

I emailed Linda and the dialog began.  All that time, we were kindred spirits and neither of us ever knew it.  I've loved to decorate my whole life and had decorating notebooks when I was twelve filled with different styles, color swatches, and pictures of furniture and accessories cut from magazines and catalogs.  Linda's parents had a shed with some old furniture in it.  Every week she rearranged the furniture and decorated in her mind.  As we talk, we discover more and more things that we have in common. 

Have you ever met a person like that?  I've met two others in my lifetime and it is the most amazing feeling when things start coming out and you feel like you have a clone.

Now, we email each other pictures of beautiful rooms and talk like we've been old friends forever.  We exchange recipes, advice, decorating ideas and stories.  I'm sorry for all the years we didn't know each other, but glad to have the ones ahead of us. 

Between the four of us, we live in four different states.  I'm thankful for all the ways to communicate these days and for my new friend.  I hope all of you have at least one kindred spirit.