Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writer's Space

As writers, we spend a fair amount of time in our own minds, lost in thought while the world whizzes by.

I've been a decorator my whole life and I'm always dreaming of the perfect writing space. Most of the time I sit on the bed propped up with pillows and write on a laptop, but I long for a space of my own. Many of you probably write on the traveling laptop, and there are a lot of good stories coming out of mobile spaces.

This office appeals to me because it has good light, is neatly arranged and can accomodate books, computer, printer, files, and anything else you need to have on hand. If you're a woman writer, it would be great to have near the kitchen and laundry room - where most of us spend our time. It's a good thing we can multi-task. It feels good to throw in a load of laundry and forget it while you write a few paragraphs. For many of us that is the only way we can get our chores done and still find time to write.

I hope you have the perfect space to write.